Who we are

Side x Side Collective is a community of women, agender, and non-binary designers in Toronto. We offer formal programming, meetups, and resources for women in the design and technology space. Our focus is a mentorship program that pairs experienced design leads with junior designers, and provides them with structured goal setting and a community that will help them level their skills up, and move forward in their careers.

Our goal

To build a community of strong, confident design and technology leaders in Toronto. For us, success is gender equality at a leadership level, and having women support each other to get there.

Words from our 2018 mentorship cohort

"I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better mentor. She made me see what I had accomplished in my career and taught me to appreciate and value myself and my experience. She gave me the creative confidence I needed to pursue my goals. I’m truly grateful for my mentor and for Side x Side Co.

Michelle, Mentee

Side x Side opened my eyes to a whole community of supportive and empowering women I didn't know existed in the industry. Annie (my mentor) taught me I could be successful without conforming to negative industry standards projected upon women. She gave me the confidence to stand my ground while being kind and supportive to those around me.

Kaitlyn, mentee

Personally, being involved in the program [as a mentor] was very beneficial for two main reasons: I felt connected to my work/field [while on mat leave] and I was able to meet a very intelligent and interesting younger woman whose feelings I identified with and remembered from my own starting out point into UX research. I was able to help her achieve her goal (she got a new job!).

Laura, mentor